dispel cancer with White Turmeric – zedoaria Cucrcuma

Although there are people, further research, which guarantees that (turmeric Curcuma zeodaria white Zedoariae Rhizoma can block the growth of tumor cells). In some cases, and some of the literature that have approved. If you consume interest, illness, cancer fooled by turmeric against other option is that zedoaria cucrcuma look, the power not to know their afficacious turmeric.

It may be misleading to think that turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roburgh) and turmeric.Weil has in some places like the white turmeric turmeric plant (cucrcuma zedoaria been appointed). In Indonesia, his name-Temu Lawak. Its like rhizome of turmeric (Curcuma domestica or Curcuma longa), but slightly larger. If turmeric with a color of saffron, turmeric and its yellow color is white, after it was cut and dried. Turmeric but mistakenly named as white Temu Mangga Turmeric (Curcuma Mangga is). usually many people use it for the cold condition (antipiretika), weightloose, irritation or asphyxiation. And often used to attract women to puerperal vagina / birth.

There is greater galangal (Kaempferia galanga) species, which is designed as turmeric, hence their name Temu Kunci (Kaempferia angustifolia), which can be used for anti-anti-diarhea and dysentery. E-Pepela tulen Kunci (Kaempheria Round), usually to generate an anti-inflammatory, and used antipiretika appetite.

So let's get this terminology correct problemscomplicated this is wrong. The grass, which we discuss Temu-Mangga (Curcuma Mangga) and its variant, white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria). Together with herbs that are used for the treatment of various gastrointestinal problems. And 'turmeric has white skin, but you can find a place like a small potato in its root. Ciri know that the disease turmeric is useful against cancer: a whitish skin, the flesh color is cream with aromatic Mangga. Smell and taste is notbitter.

Dr. S. Retna Sudibyo, a researcher of Bio Technology PAU UGM, accordion you can eat the fresh root to obtain its benefits against cancer. But do not eat too much because it can cause diarhea if they are not stable.


Both Temu Mangga (Curcuma Mangga) and white turmeric curcumin (turmeric zeodaria) content of yellow dye (diarilheptanoid). The book Encilopedia Medicine Plands said the special quality of curcumin as an antioxidant and isAnti-inflammatory. their content of antioxidants is stronger than vitamin E, while its anti-inflammatory is a content hidrocortison Srong chemical / synthetic. The component of essential oil rimpangcontent cucrcuma zedoaria by: derifatives Guiana (Kurkumol, Kurkumenol, Isokurkumenol, Prokurkumenol, Kurkurnadiol) Germakran Kurdion derivatives (, Dehidrokurdion) furanoid with skeleton eudesman (Kurkolon) Seskuiterpen. Germakran skeleton (Furanodienon, Isofuranodienon, Zederon, Furanodien,Furanogermenon) eleman skeleton identical (with edoaron Kurserenon, Epikurserenon, germakren Isofurano) sinamat Asam-4-metoksi (fungistatic character). Other research, there are kurkumanolid A, B and kurkumenon kurleumanolid in zedoaria cucrcuma found.

American Institute of Cancer reported that cancer can be prevented with turmeric. antioxidant to prevent its operation zedoaria cucrcuma deoksiribonuklead acid (composer gene) of damage. TheGene damage is one of the factors aspect cancer.

With curcumin and 4-feruloyl hydroxycinnmoyl are an anti-inflammatory compound that is contained in turmeric rhizome. Curcumin component very useful for protecting against cancer gene from non-life and anti-inflammatory at the same time. Why inflammation in cancer is always something happening.

Dr. S. Retna Sudibyo Research (ed. Time 30 Mey 1999), to give some results that turmeric Mangga contentProtein toxin, sejenis ribosome to activate protein (RIP). This is a possibility that ribosome sejenis disabled, so that protein synthesis in cells prevented. Its easy for this protein, and then penetrate the tumor cells to invade healthy cells. It causes cancer cells can not grow because cancer cells are no age limits. Finally disappear automatically.

Thus, the Conclution: 
RIP – stop the growth of cancer and leftautomatically. The levels of antioxidants curcumin protects against cellular damage BFM. If the damage is a key aspect of genecancer. The content of anti-inflammatory is used to prevent infections that are always with cancer.

Anther variety of turmeric is known as "white" turmeric. This special turmeric is very rare and seasonal. It has a lighter flesh than the common turmeric, but its flavor is not as subtle. Turmeric is known to be used medicinally for ulcers, paracitic infections, various skin disorders, strains, bruises, inflammation of the joints, cold and flue symptoms, preserving food and as a digestion aid.